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Registered student organizations (RSOs) provide students the opportunity to form and develop organizations based on a common interest. Students are able to create, govern, budget and plan their own organization and events. Through your involvement with an RSO you will meet new people, develop your interest and have fun.

Existing RSO’s

Currently there are over 380 organizations, click on the links below to access each category *You may use Ctrl+F within the PDF file if you are looking for an specific organization.

Through your involvement with an RSO you are able to take advantage of our RSO education classes (budgeting, event planning, etc.), RSO resources (office space, lockers, etc.) and apply for funds for your events from the Associated Student Government. If you don't see one that suits your interest, learn how to start your own RSO.

RSO Registration Information

RSO Re-registration for the 2016-2017 year is now open.  Visit the Registration Page for more information.  To be in Active status for the academic year, an RSO must re-register and complete the online officer orientation between April 15 and September 15. Renewing RSOs that do not meet the September 15 deadline will be required to wait until registration re-opens temporarily January 19-29, 2017.  New RSO's may form at any time. Information is also on the Registration Page for new RSO's.

Benefits of becoming a Registered Student Organization

According to University policy, student groups must be registered in order to:

  • Use University facilities
  • Be listed in University publications, websites and newsletters
  • Use the University name in publicity and press releases
  • Use University logos and trademarks (limited, with prior approval)
  • Apply for and expend University funds as distributed through the Associated Student Government
  • Apply for and occupy office space in a University building
  • Participate in university programs as an organization
  • Participate in any information fairs
  • Apply for University recognition for organizational achievement
  • Conduct fundraisers on campus (with prior approval)
  • Reserve meeting space on campus
  • Utilize organizational emails, websites and listservs
  • Obtain locker or mailbox space through the Office of Student Activities
  • Additionally, the Office of Student Activities works closely with our Registered Student Organizations, offering trainings, workshops, event consultations, a resource room, an RSO meeting space, informational listservs, and other helpful tools.

RSO or Departmental Organization?

The University’s relationship differs with RSO’s and departmental organizations. Your organization will be categorized based on the following attributes:

  • Departmental organizations are considered extensions of the department and as such, are under the direction and oversight of the department. The department controls the finances and maintains ultimate responsibility for the organization’s events. Departmental organizations officially represent the University of Arkansas.
  • Registered Student Organizations are not an extension of University departments (even if they are professional or field-based) and are distinct from the University of Arkansas. RSOs receive University recognition and may receive University resources, and as such are subject to University policies, but actions of the RSO are not actions of the institution. RSO’s maintain separate finances, although in accounts held by the University, and make their own decisions about events, within University policy.

Please contact the Office of Student Activities if you have questions.

RSO Online Database

RSO Database Status Definition

Advisor Database

Need Funding for your RSO? Access information and required documents for ASG Funding!

Meet your RSO Support Team!

  • Trisha Blau, Assistant Director for Programming (RSO Officer Appeals, Legal Questions Related to RSO's, Student Involvement Awards)
  • Rainer Gall, Interim Assistant Director for Student Government Leadership (ASG Office of Financial Affairs Advisor, co-advises SOOIE, oversees RSO functional area)
  • Amber Widdowson, Graduate Assistant (New RSO Registration, ASG Financial Affairs Co-Advisor, Pre-Event Planning Consultations, SOOIE, Student Involvement Awards, RSO Offices and Workspace)
  • Rosa Edwards, Administrative Support Supervisor (RSO Re-Registration, Fundraising, Trademark, Advisor Development Workshop series, General RSO questions, Email/Website Requests or Password Resets, RSO Information Requests) 

ASG Funding Team

Have a question about RSO's? Contact our office at 479-575-5255 or email one of the individuals listed above!

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