University Expectations for RSO Advisors

  1. Be familiar with the purpose, constitution and activities of the RSO for which you are advising.

  2. Assist the RSO in identifying goals and help the members and officers clarify their areas of responsibility.

  3. Participate in all major organizational planning.

  4. Observe and evaluate student performance in regards to his or her involvement with the RSO.

  5. Assure that accurate and consistent records are kept by the RSO officers and approved methods of handling organizational finances are followed.

  6. Be familiar with University policies and procedures as they pertain to officer eligibility and be sensitive to the students' academic performance.

  7. Provide information to University officials concerning the RSO when requested.

  8. Be available as a mentor to organization members to assist them with personal and organizational problems and decisions.

  9. Act as a source of general information regarding UA policies and procedures.

  10. Teach basic leadership skills and provide the officers with elements of good organizational and administrative practice.

  11. Remember to have fun!

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