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RSO Finances

As a Registered Student Organization, you will be eligible to receive funding from the Associated Student Government. Additional information regarding funding can be found on the Finances and Fundraiser page and the ASG Financial Affair's website.

Funding Information

Fundraising & Philanthropy

Checking Account

    • Check writing policies for RSO Checking Accounts
    • Deposit Form
    • On-Campus Charges (link for departments billing RSOs) 
    • Information for RSOs using campus space/resources:
      • If your RSO is planning to use campus space or resources such as printing or mailing, you may incur charges. These charges are most often paid through your RSO Checking Account, also known as a “cost center number” around campus, unless you have departmental or ASG funding for the reservation. To ensure a smooth process, please familiarize yourself with the On Campus Charges policy and note the following important steps:


        Before the event

        1)      Request your space.

        2)      Provide your RSO Checking Account Number (“cost center number”) for billing if your RSO is paying for the space yourself. (Please see the Checkwriting Policies for more information about locating your account number.)

        1. If the event is funded by ASG you will be provided with information at your packet pickup.
        2. If you have departmental funding to pay for a room, please see the appropriate accounting staff member in the department to obtain the proper information. (Please see the Financial Overview for departments supporting an RSO to understand how this process works.)
        3. Note: ASG or departments cannot transfer money into your RSO account, so please ensure that the billing is set up appropriately at the time of your reservation.

        3)      Request an estimate of charges via email (this may be provided automatically – you will need to watch for this and follow up if you do not get the estimate.)

        4)      Provide approval via email. This should be done before the reservation is confirmed.

        5)      Ensure you have the appropriate balance in your account, if the billing is coming from your cost center number.  

        After the event

        6)      Provide approval for any charges over the estimated amount (you can be automatically billed if the department makes two attempts to gain approval.)


RSO Management

General Information




Trademark/Licensing for Printed Items with Logos/Phrases

    • If your event includes printed items (such as t-shirts) with trademarked University logos, images, or phrases, including the Hog logo, “Razorbacks,” or “Wooo Pig Sooie,” you must fill out a Trademark and Licensing form and go through a University-licensed vendor to print your items.  Before you start to work with a vendor, consult the Licensed Vendor List below to find one that is approved. After coming up with a design (but before the items are printed), turn in a Trademark and Licensing Form to the Office of Student Activities. Your request will go through the University Trademark Office, so allow up to 2 weeks for the entire process (before beginning printing). RSO's are not allowed to use Academic logos (including, but not limited to, "University of Arkansas" except in names identifying group name at the University of Arkansas; Old Main Towers logo; college or departmental logos, etc.).

RSO Policies

General Policies

  • If you invite an outside business to come to a meeting to help fulfill a need of your organization, this may be acceptable, but outside businesses should not approach students or student groups to invite themselves or to offer money, products, or event sponsorship in return for access to your organization. The Commercial Solicitation Policy prohibits private commercial business activities on University premises.  Exceptions are the annual RazorBash Festival held during Welcome Weeks (and for off-campus properties, Housing Fairs coordinated by Off-Campus Student Services). To summarize - Organizations should never feel that you must endure solicitation by outside businesses who want access to your RSO or living group. If this happens, we ask that you report the incident to your faculty/staff advisor and the Office of Student Activities.

Trademark, Licensing,  & Publicity

RSO Resouces

Resources available your RSO. Event specific resources can be found on the Event Planning page and the ASG Financial Affair's website.

RSO Tips

General tips and guidelines to help your RSO succeed.