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Trademark/Licensing for Printed Items with Logos/Phrases

RSO's are not allowed to use academic logos - including, but not limited to all trademarked phrases, graphics and symbols of the University of Arkansas, except when identifying the RSO in this manner:  RSO group name at the University of Arkansas.



      • Licensed vendors should be used for ALL items created with University of Arkansas IP (logos, words, wordmarks, etc.)  
      • For a list of licensed vendors: 
      • The official color is PMS 201C. Some color alterations are permitted with PRIOR APPROVAL. (For example, a pink Razorbacks logo for a breast cancer awareness event.)  
      • The outline of the Razorbacks Athletics marks should always be darker than the body color of the Hog.  
      • Razorbacks is plural.  
      • The Razorbacks logo should always run to the right unless there is a special circumstance (such as on a vehicle).  



PERMITTED (All require a case-by-case review) 
      • “RSO Name at the University of Arkansas®” is allowed  
      • RSOs may use the following registered marks:  
      • The word “Arkansas®” 
      • The Razorback logo (running/helmet logo) 
      • The approved caricature (for internal use only/no retail or fundraising sales).  


      • Branding and sponsors that conflict with University policy and/or contracts, agreements or licensing agreements.  
      • University marks cannot be paired with third-party organizations unless there is a tie to a campus program or event.  
      • Academic logos - including, but not limited to all trademarked phrases, graphics and symbols of the University of Arkansas.  
      • All other University marks and IP not outlined above except as noted. This includes BUT IS NOT LIMITED TO:  
      • All academic logos and their variants including UA and U of A  
      • “UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS®” – Allowed when used with RSO name  
      • “ARKANSAS RAZORBACKS®” – “Arkansas” is allowed  
      • “HOGS™”  
      • “WOOO PIG SOOIE ®”  
      • The image of Old Main® or other campus buildings and landmarks  
      • Vault marks  
      • University of Arkansas school Seal 



Organization products and other designs that incorporate the University of Arkansas’ name and/or trademarks may not reflect any of the following:  

  • Elements that state or imply a University of Arkansas endorsement of or affiliation with non-university entities, people, products, services, viewpoints, and/or political candidates, parties and activities, except that a student organization with a political reference in its name may use the University name as permitted by this policy (RSO name at the University of Arkansas)  
  • Discrimination against any person or group based on age, race, ethnicity, disability, national origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or veteran status;  
  • References to gambling, alcohol (in a non-educational manner), tobacco, illegal substances, illegal activity, violence, weapons (that are not germane to the organization’s official activities), profanity, or sexually explicit designs or products; and  
  • Use of a current or former University student-athlete’s name or likeness  

 Approved Vendors 


Trademark Request Form


RSO Policies

General Policies

  • If you invite an outside business to come to a meeting to help fulfill a need of your organization, this may be acceptable, but outside businesses should not approach students or student groups to invite themselves or to offer money, products, or event sponsorship in return for access to your organization. The Commercial Solicitation Policy prohibits private commercial business activities on University premises.  Exceptions are the annual RazorBash Festival held during Welcome Weeks (and for off-campus properties, Housing Fairs coordinated by Off-Campus Student Services). To summarize - Organizations should never feel that you must endure solicitation by outside businesses who want access to your RSO or living group. If this happens, we ask that you report the incident to your faculty/staff advisor and the Office of Student Activities.


RSO Resources

Resources available your RSO. Event specific resources can be found on the Event Planning page and the ASG Financial Affair's website.

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