The Hook-Up

The Hook-Up

April 26 - 6pm - Union Theatre


Important Information about this Saturday's Springtime of Youth Music Festival 


The Springtime of Youth music festival will be occurring rain or shine. However, we will be monitoring the weather and if lightning or a severe storm is in the vicinity we will have people follow evacuation procedures directed by security personnel.  In case of rain in the days before the concert, please wear appropriate footgear and clothing for potential muddy conditions.

Parking and shuttle information:

Shuttles: Shuttles will run continuously from 3:00 p.m. on Saturday April 29 to 12:30 a.m. on April 30. Shuttles will pick up and drop off at the Pi Phi gate on Maple Street.

Directions: From I-49 take exit 66 to Highway 112. Turn South onto N. Garland/Highway 112. Turn right onto W. Drake at stoplight, then follow left curve onto McConnell Road. The Washington County Fairgrounds is on the right, atop the hill.

Parking: Parking attendants will be present to assist with parking.


Gates will open at 3 pm.   The first concert will start at 4 p.m.

Not Allowed Items:

We will be following the University of Arkansas’ Department of Athletics policy on items that are not allowed in the concert venue.  These items include: • Alcoholic beverages • Baby seats/baby strollers • Backpacks • Bags of all types, except when used for medical or childcare needs • Beach Balls, inflatable toys or laser pointers • Coolers, containers or ice chests • Explosives, guns, knives or weapons • Folding chairs or stools • Food and beverages • Noisemakers of any type (i.e. bells, horns, whistles, etc.) • Personal heaters  • Tobacco of any kind including e-cigarettes • Umbrellas • Video cameras  • Drones  • Flags/Signs  • Selfie-Sticks

PERMITTED ITEMS • Purses 14”x10”x10” or smaller • Cameras with a 6” lens or less and no removable lenses • Service animals with identification • Carried rain gear, blankets or coats • Wheelchairs for ADA ticket holders

Ticket Information:

We ask that you please bring your ticket and student ID with you to the concert.  Both of these items will be checked at the gate. 


Concert attendees will NOT be able to re-enter if they leave during the concert.

We hope you enjoy the Springtime of Youth Music Festival.  If you have any questions or concerns please let us know.

This event is sponsored by Headliners Concert Committee through the Office of Student Activities. For accommodations due to disability please contact the Office of Student Activities,, or call 479-575-5255.

 The Office of Student Activities provides many different opportunities for students to get involved on campus. The main goal of the Office of Student Activities is to provide students with educational, cultural and social programs. All of our programs are planned and implemented by students.

OUR MISSION: The Office of Student Activities provides an environment for involvement, empowerment, and collaboration through student organizations, programmatic experiences, and shared governance. OSA maximizes the UA experience by advocating for all students, promoting intercultural understanding, and developing citizens who are prepared to positively impact their communities. OUR VISION: To engage every student at the University of Arkansas.

OUR VALUES: Purpose - Inclusive - Growth - Flexible - Creative - Responsible

The Office of Student Activities is responsible for the following areas:

University Programs (UP)

University Programs (UP) is a volunteer student organization responsible for coordinating and planning over 200 events annually for the campus community. University Programs provides UA students with cultural, educational, recreational, and entertainment experiences. Eight committees along with committee chairs and their executive officers select, schedule, and produce events such as concerts, movies, lectures, fine arts performances, and gallery exhibits. University Programs provides excellent opportunities to develop leadership skills and to gain practical experience in a variety of areas. Supported by an activity fee instituted in 1988, the majority of the events are free to the student body.

Headliner Concerts Committee (HCC)

Headliner Concerts Committee (HCC), which is composed primarily of students, gets to make the decision on what big-name artist to bring to campus each year. Because you have already paid a per-credit-hour fee to support this committee, when concert day arrives there is NO admission fee for students. Previous headliners include Grammy winning artists John Mayer, Foo Fighters, rapper T.I., Blake Shelton, Third Eye Blind, Snoop Dogg, The Flaming Lips, Kip Moore, and More!

Distinguished Lectures Committee (DLC)

Who do you want to bring to campus? Take DLC's poll!

Distinguished Lectures Committee (DLC) decides which dynamic and pertinent speakers to bring to the University of Arkansas campus. These speaking engagements are completely free to all students. Some of the speakers brought over the past few years have been President George H.W. Bush, CNN anchor Anderson Cooper, basketball icon Magic Johnson, author Malcolm Gladwell, Jane Goodall, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Elie Wiesel, Steve Wozniak, and John Legend.

Associated Student Government

The Associated Student Government shall act as an organized voice for all students of the University of Arkansas, to effectively represent students in the University's decision and policy making process and to provide a broad educational experience for students, while promoting citizenship on campus and in the greater community. In doing so, ASG knowingly and responsibly recognizes the students' roles in the shared governance of the University of Arkansas.

Registered Student Organizations

Did you know that there are about 400 Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) on campus? You'll make new friends, explore your interests, and have an unforgettable college experience as an RSO member. If you can't find an existing RSO that meets your interests, you can even start your own!