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 Student Travel Policy Information

The Student Travel Policy applies to all undergraduate students, and any graduate student who is not on an assistantship.

The policies indicated here are required for all students traveling outside northwest Arkansas (Benton or Washington counties) for any University-related purpose including class and extra-curricular events.

Any student traveling outside of Benton and Washington counties as an official representative of the University as defined in the Student Travel Policy is required to submit travel information to the Dean of Students office and his or her college dean. Additionally, emergency contact information MUST be supplied, and insurance information (if any) provided. Any student driving (whether a University vehicle, a rental vehicle, or a privately-owned vehicle) is required to watch a 16-minute Driver Safety video (one time only) and submit a signed statement certifying that he or she watched the video. (University appointed employees who are also students, graduate assistants, and faculty members are NOT required to watch the driving safety video).  Individuals or small groups (2-4) can view the video at the Office of Student Activities, Arkansas Union A-665. For larger groups the video can be checked out overnight.

 The following steps must be taken for any travel out of Northwest Arkansas:

  • Complete a Student Travel Notification Form. This is a form for the entire group. Submit this form to the Dean of Students, ADMN 325.
  • Submit emergency and insurance information to your trip sponsor. You can use the form provided in the forms packet (Student Information Request), or just provide the relevant information to the sponsor.
    • The sponsor must maintain a copy of the emergency/personal injury insurance information for all undergraduate students going on the trip. A copy also must be given to a department/organization  representative who is not going on the trip.
    • Submit a copy of this information to the Dean of Students and the Dean of the College of the students' enrollment.
  • Any students driving or potentially driving must  complete the online Driver Safety Module and Quiz with 80% score and submit all certification forms at least one week prior to the trip.
    • All students who drive or might potentially drive on an official University trip must submit an Authorization to Operate Motor Vehicle form to Risk Management, ADMN 321. This must be completed at least 7 days prior to the trip to allow time for checking driver records.
  • The sponsor must ensure that a proper Travel Authorization is in the BASIS system for all individuals going on the trip who will be getting reimbursed. This can be for Group Travel or individual travel. See the Group Travel Procedures document for more information.
  • University policy requires purchasing personal injury trip insurance through Risk Management, ADMN 321. For less than a dollar per student per day, the students will be covered for any unfortunate events that might occur. To purchase, fax a list of names and IDs, along with a Cost Center Number, to Risk Management at 575-4158. For more information and coverage details, visit

For more information contact Rosa Edwards, 575-5255 or