ASG Funding Timelines

Each year, student fee money from the Associated Student Government (ASG) budget is allocated to RSOs who apply for funding for special events/programs, conference attendance, and/or administrative supplies. Monies appropriated to RSOs must be used to promote a diverse array of programs and events, facilitate intellectual engagement, encourage collaboration between students and/or student groups, and/or foster campus community.

After an RSO’s funding request is approved, the RSO will pick up a funding packet from the ASG Office. The packet contains forms that the RSO will fill out in order to spend the funds. Because the funds are allocated for very specific items, ASG funds will NEVER go directly to an RSO’s bank account.

For more information, check out the ASG Office of Financial Affairs Website

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ASG Office of Financial Affairs Standing Rules


Funding forms:

RSO Event Funding Application:

RSO Conference/Competition Funding Application:

RSO Administrative Expenses Funding Application: