Event Planning

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Room Reservations:

**Note: The Office of Student Activities advises RSO's not to advertise or promote your events until you have a confirmed reservation.**

Arkansas Union

  • The Union uses an online reservation system - visit union.uark.edu
    • Only individuals listed as checkwriters can request space.
    • Room reservations are free for RSOs, but there is a charge for equipment.
  • If you need to cancel a reservation, email auevents@uark.edu at least 24 hours in advance
    • If you do not show up, the Union will charge you $10 .
    • If you have 3 no-shows, the Union will not allow you to book space anymore.
    • Please be sure to check with the Union after officer changes to ensure you do not have any pending events for your organization.

Outdoor Facilities Reservations

HPER Reservations

For all other buildings on campus consult the Building Reservation Guide 


The Union is the only building on campus which requires all food to be catered by Ozark Catering Company, due to a contract with them.

  • Exception:  If your RSO wishes to bring in less than $200 worth of food (total) for consumption by that RSO at a meeting or other function, you may bring in a limited selection of packaged foods only. Details are located in the Union Outside Food Policy.
  • To avoid late fees, you should place food orders at least 5 days in advance. More time is recommended if you have a very large order or a specialty order.
  • Ozark Catering Company orders may be placed online
  • Ozark Catering Company offers a special menu for RSOs (includes discounts)
  • Ozark Catering Company contact: catering@uark.edu 

For other buildings on campus, you may use a caterer of your choice. Check with the specific building reservationist to make sure that food is allowed in the building or room you are reserving. 


Publicity – both the method in which you advertise and the time frame in which you do so – will have a large impact on your event’s success.

Start with the Publicity Checklist to make sure you are taking advantage of publicity opportunities. Most of these methods are free!

Be sure that any images you use are allowed by copyright!

More Publicity Resources: 

RSO Weekly Email

All official communication from the Office of Student Activities will be sent out in the official RSO weekly email. If you have an event that you would like to be submitted to the RSO Event listserv that goes out to all RSO officers each week, please send a description of your event to rso@uark.edu by noon on Friday of the week prior to the event.

Request Forms:

Trademark/Licensing for Printed Items with Logos/Phrases

RSO's are not allowed to use academic logos - including, but not limited to all trademarked phrases, graphics and symbols of the University of Arkansas, except when identifying the RSO in this manner:  RSO group name at the University of Arkansas.

 If your event includes printed items (such as t-shirts) with trademarked University of Arkansas spirit symbols, logos, images, or phrases, including the word “Arkansas”, the Hog logo, “Razorbacks,” or “Wooo Pig Sooie,” you must fill out a Trademark and Licensing form and go through a University-licensed vendor to print your items.  Before you start to work with a vendor, consult the Licensed Vendor List below to find one that is approved. After coming up with a design (but before the items are printed), turn in a Trademark and Licensing Form to the Office of Student Activities. Your request will go through the University Trademark Office, so allow up to 2 weeks for the entire process (before beginning printing).

 Registered trademarks of the University of Arkansas include:

  • All academic logos and their variants
  • “HOGS™”
  • The image of Old Main®
  • any Razorback marks or images
  • the University of Arkansas school Seal.

Travel Information:

If your RSO is traveling outside of Benton or Washington counties, please review the Student Travel Policies and fill out any necessary forms.

Risk Management:

When planning any event, always consider the risks! Physical, reputational, emotional, financial, and property risks should all be considered when planning any RSO event, and steps should be taken to identify and minimize risks, and to plan for emergencies. Certain activities carry inherent risks, and participant waivers may be necessary for some events.

The Risk Matrix is a very helpful tool that you can use to determine how risky your activities are. Download this tool to properly prepare for your event!

If you have any questions about how you can minimize risks, contact the Assistant Director for Registered Student Organizations at rso@uark.edu

If you are planning a large event and don’t know where to begin, check out the Event Planning Workbook for some helpful tips. Also, feel free to schedule an individual event planning appointment by emailing rso@uark.edu.

The Campus Resource Guide is a valuable source of contact information for a wide variety of resources and departments on campus.