Instructions/Checklist for New RSO's

New RSO's can form at any time! Below is some information for planning to start your RSO. Once you have these items together, please contact our office at or call 479-575-5255 to start the registration process.

1. Create your RSO's purpose statement and write a constitution.

2. Secure a University of Arkansas faculty or staff member as advisor to your RSO (cannot be a graduate student, unless required for their job).

3. Have at least six students as members of your RSO. More information about officer/member requirements is listed below.

4. Have the advisor and students create a profile in HogSync, our RSO management tool. (See below for instructions.)

Any questions? Email or call 479-575-5255.

How to Create a HogSync Student Profile

  • Visit
  • Click “Sign In”
  • Search for the University of Arkansas
  • Login using your UARK email credentials
  • Complete your custom profile

5. Complete the New RSO Pre-registration Form to schedule an in-person officer orientation with two of your officers at the same time (president and treasurer recommended).

Each Registered Student Organization must:

    • Have a President and a Treasurer

    • Have a total of at least 6 members (may include officers)

    • Have a faculty or staff advisor from the University of Arkansas

    • Be comprised entirely of University of Arkansas students

    • Follow the Code of Student Life located at

    • Adhere to the RSO Compliance and Non-Discrimination Policy

    • Re‐register every year during the April 15‐September 15 Registration Window

  RSO Officers must:

    • Maintain at least a 2.25 cumulative GPA

    • Be enrolled full‐time (12 credits for undergraduates, 6 credits for graduate students)

    • Not be on academic or disciplinary probation

    • Have 2 officers attend officer orientation

       For purposes of co-curricular eligibility requirements, an officer is defined as anyone in an elected or appointed position. See for more information

 RSO Members must:

    • Be enrolled in at least one class at the University of Arkansas

RSO or Departmental Organization?

Only RSO’s are required to go through registration with the Office of Student Activities.  RSO’s differ from Departmental Organizations in a number of ways:

  • Departmental organizations are considered extensions of the department and as such, are under the direction and oversight of the department. The department controls the finances and maintains ultimate responsibility for the organization’s events. Departmental organizations officially represent the University of Arkansas.
  • Registered Student Organizations are not an extension of University departments (even if they are professional or field-based) and are distinct from the University of Arkansas. RSOs receive University recognition and may receive University resources, and as such are subject to University policies, but actions of the RSO are not actions of the institution. RSO’s maintain separate finances, although in accounts held by the University, and make their own decisions about events, within University policy. 

You should determine whether your organization is an RSO or a departmental organization before registering your organization.

RSO Recruitment Policy and Opt-Out Notice

Several of our Registered Student Organizations, particularly honor societies and some professional organizations, recruit students based on certain grade point minimums. RSO’s who require this information should have the GPA requirement stated in the constitution and the request should come from the advisor (fully appointed staff or faculty member) to the ISIS reporting person in his or her division. Once the information is provided to the advisor, the advisor can share the list of students, without ID numbers, to the RSO officers for recruitment purposes.  The list should only include directory information for students who meet a defined minimum GPA requirement.  It must not include specific GPA information for each student.

RSO’s must be in Active status to conduct recruitment activities. University letterhead, logos, or trademarks cannot be used in recruitment materials.

Students who don’t want their names to appear on potential lists for RSO recruitment purposes can opt out through the FERPA Directory Restrictions settings in ISIS.  This is managed in the Personal Information section of the Student Center page.  Instructions are under the Personal Information tab on the ISIS Help page for students. 

  • Frequently Asked Questions About Registration

1. How do I access the RSO online database?

Use the first part of your UARK email address to log into the RSO database (minus the "") If you are a new officer and have never logged in before, the previous officer will need to log you in at first. If you don’t have access to a previous officer, email and we can assist you.

2. I’m trying to add other officers in my RSO, but it says they are ineligible. Why?

There are a few reasons this may occur. First, ensure you are adding email addresses and not ID numbers. Second, ensure you are leaving off the (only enter the user ID).  If you continue to have problems with entering email addresses, please contact our office. 

3. My RSO is brand new and has just registered for the first time. When do we need to re-register for the next academic year?

Once an RSO has been established, it must register and complete officer orientation during the April 15 through September 15 registration window. For instance, if your RSO is new and registers in November 2016, you will need to re-register your organization between April 15 and September 15, 2017 if you intend for it to be active for 2017-2018. 

4. What happens if I am in a returning RSO and we miss the September 15 deadline?

If you miss the deadline, you will be in "deactivated" status and will have to wait until registration temporarily re-opens in January. All RSO benefits will be suspended when you are in "deactivated" status.