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Advisor Requirements

Any faculty or staff member at the University Arkansas is eligible to be an RSO advisor if:

  • They are a full-time appointed employee, or
  • They are a part-time appointed employee who is not concurrently pursuing a graduate degree, unless it is part of their position description.

Changing Advisors

Advisors should be updated in HogSync. If an advisor does not have a HogSync profile it can be created according to the instructions below. To update an advisor, an officer who is an administrator of the RSO's HogSync portal should click on "See All" on the portal's home page, and then click "Fill a Position".

To create a HogSync profile:

  • Visit

  • Click "Sign In"

    1. If you have previously created a profile you will be prompted to sign in with your UARK credentials.

    2. If you have not created a profile:

      1. Search for the University of Arkansas

      2. Login using your UARK email credentials

      3. Complete your custom profile


University Advisor Expectations

  • Be familiar with the purpose, constitution and activities of the RSO for which you are advising.
  • Assist the RSO in identifying goals and help the members and officers clarify their areas of responsibility.
  • Participate in all major organizational planning.
  • Observe and evaluate student performance in regards to his or her involvement with the RSO.
  • Be familiar with University policies and procedures as they pertain to officer eligibility and be sensitive to the students' academic performance.
  • Provide information to University officials concerning the RSO when requested.
  • Be available as a mentor to organization members to assist them with personal and organizational problems and decisions.
  • Act as a source of general information regarding UA policies and procedures.
  • Teach basic leadership skills and provide the officers with elements of good organizational and administrative practice.
  • Serve as a Campus Security Authority to report crimes that you become aware of in the course of your advisor role.
  • Remember to have fun!

RSO Registration Information

Re-registration is open April 15-September 15, 2017. A brief period for spring registration will open in January 2018 for RSO's that missed the fall deadline. New RSO's can form at any time. The registration process must be completed by students and all requirements must be met. 

Advisor Development Series 2017-2018

All Registered Student Organization advisors are invited to take part in the Advisor Development Series for 2017-2018. The Office of Student Activities offers advisor workshops aimed at increasing knowledge, support, and understanding of the RSO advisor role. In addition, this program offers opportunities to network with other university professionals and advisors who have a rich knowledge base of advising experience.

The Advisor Development Series helps advisors understand their role and maximize their group’s experience. Workshops are held once a month. Each workshop covers a different topic relating to the advisor’s role in RSO’s.

Each session will begin promptly at noon and end by 1 p.m. Advisors who wish to eat lunch and interact with peer advisors can arrive starting at 11:30 a.m. Office of Student Activities staff will remain until 1:30 p.m. for dialogue with RSO advisors. Advisors can pre-register for the workshops on HogSync. Pre-registration is required for those planning to eat lunch.

Session dates and registration links include:

For more information about Registered Student Organizations, contact the Office of Student Activities, 479-575-5255, or email

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