Finances and Fundraising

Need Funding for your RSO? 

This page contains information and tools related to RSO finances, fundraising, and ASG Funding.  Please refer to the appropriate section for more information.  If you cannot find the information you need on this page, please contact the Office of Student Activities.  You can visit the office in the Arkansas Union, room A665 or contact the office at 479-575-5255 or 

Your RSO gets funding in three ways: 

1) RSO Dues & Fundraisers - housed in your Worktag (Checking Account) - Nobody puts money here except your RSO. This is an on-campus account to hold your dues and money from approved fundraisers. Your RSO chooses how to spend these funds with a few limitations noted in the checkwriting policies below. Please note that your RSO cannot accept credit card payments/donations outside of the University's CashNet system, as those funds go directly into this account. This is not a "bank account" in the sense of having a routing number where outside entities can make deposits. No outside banking accounts are allowed for RSOs. Please see below for more worktag and checking account information.  Your RSO cannot utilize University procurement tools to spend these funds (purchase orders or purchasing cards) but must use the checking account or the on campus charges process listed below.

2) Departmental Support - Departments cannot donate or transfer money to your RSO checking account or purchase anything for fundraisers. Please see below for more details on departmental support. Departments pay directly to vendors for specific purchases.

3) ASG Funding  - ASG offers student fee funds for RSO's through its Office of Financial Affairs. RSOs can apply for up to $12,500 in funds per academic year. Please see below for more details. These funds do not go into your checking account but are paid directly to vendors for specific purchases.

Important Links

1) Worktag and Checking Account Information 

RSO checking account transactions: RSOs are responsible to monitor your on-campus RSO Worktag (checking account) closely. The Office of Student Activities advises checkwriters in RSO’s to review posted transactions weekly. Please see the links below for checkwriting information. If your RSO has financial transactions but does not yet have a Worktag, please email

If the check is not deposited in 120 days of issuance the funds will be returned to the RSO and a new request will need to be submitted.

2) Departmental Support

3) ASG Funding Links

ASG Funding forms:

RSO Event Funding Application:

RSO Conference/Competition Funding Application: Administrative Expenses Funding Application:

Message for RSOs about On Campus Charges 

 On-Campus Charges - link for departments billing RSOs


 If your RSO is planning to use campus space, you may incur charges. These charges are most often paid through your RSO Checking Account, also known as a “cost center number” around campus, unless you have departmental or ASG funding for the reservation. To ensure a smooth process, please familiarize yourself with the On Campus Charges policy and note the following important steps:

Before the event 

  1. Request your space.
  2. Provide your RSO Checking Account Number (“cost center number” or "Worktag") for billing if your RSO is paying for the space yourself. (Please see the Checkwriting Policies for more information about locating your account number.)
    • If the event is funded by ASG you will be provided with information at your packet pickup.

    • If you have departmental funding to pay for a room, please see the appropriate accounting staff member in the department to obtain the proper information. (Please see the Financial Overview for departments supporting an RSO to understand how this process works.)

    • Note: Neither ASG nor departments can transfer money into your RSO account, so please ensure that the billing is set up appropriately at the time of your reservation.

  3. Request an estimate of charges via email (this may be provided automatically – you will need to watch for this and follow up if you do not get the estimate.)
  4.  Provide approval via email. This should be done before the reservation is confirmed.
  5.  Ensure you have the appropriate balance in your account, if the billing is coming from your RSO account.  
  6. Check each semester to ensure your RSO has no outstanding reservations!

After the event

  • Provide approval for any charges over the estimated amount (you can be automatically billed if the department makes two attempts to gain approval.)


RSO Tax-Exempt Status, W-9s, and EINs

RSO’s often ask us about tax-exempt status or W-9 forms. Please note that your RSO cannot give tax-exempt receipts to donors, unless you have formed your own 501c3 (nonprofit) or have been granted that status by your national organization.

Because RSO’s are separate from the University, you are unable to use the University’s EIN number per University policy. This means that you cannot complete a W-9 or anything that requires an EIN or Tax ID number, unless you have non-profit status as noted above.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Office of Student Activities.

Commercial Solicitation

The Commercial Solicitation Policy prohibits private commercial business activities on University premises. Solicitation Policy from the Board of Trustees

If you invite an outside business to come to a meeting to help fulfill a need of your organization, this may be acceptable, but outside businesses  should not approach students or student groups to invite themselves or to offer money, products, or event sponsorship in return for access to your organization.

To summarize - Organizations should never feel that you must endure solicitation by outside businesses who want access to your RSO or living group. If this happens, we ask that you report the incident to your faculty/staff advisor and the Office of Student Activities.


Fundraising Policies

Notification of Fundraiser

RSOs may raise money for their organizations through fundraisers. Fundraisers often take the form of selling items or services, selling tickets to an event, accepting donations, or asking for sponsorships from local businesses. We encourage you to get creative with your fundraising ideas!  RSOs cannot participate in fundraising for individual student gain; all fundraisers must benefit the organization as a whole. All marketing should make it clear that the RSO is fundraising to benefit itself. 

Philanthropies: RSOs cannot directly raise funds for a philanthropy. However, once funds for the RSO are raised the group can choose how to spend the funds, including donations to philanthropies of their choice, as long as the donation is to a nonprofit, charitable entity in good standing and recognized by the Internal Revenue Service (as required by Board Policy 515.1).

 To host a fundraiser:

  1. Fill out the Notification of Fundraiser Form at least 2 weeks prior to your fundraiser.
  2. If it is on-campus, reserve your space.  If you're not sure how to do that, consult the Event Planning Portal for links to reserve various spaces on campus.
  3. Hold your fundraiser
  4. Deposit funds raised to your account in the Treasurer’s Office within 1 week if funds raised are less than $100 or within 24 hours (next business day) if funds raised are more than $100. 

Please review the policies above for complete policies and procedures related to fundraising.

Fundraisers are meant to help your organization accomplish its objectives. Please remember that all fundraisers must benefit the registered student organization, not a specific individual or individuals.

ASG Funding

ASG Finances and Funding Guide

Each year, student fee money from the Associated Student Government (ASG) budget is allocated to RSO’s who apply for funding for special events/programs, conference attendance, and/or administrative supplies.  Monies appropriated to RSO’s must be used to promote a diverse array of programs and events, facilitate intellectual engagement, encourage collaboration between students and/or student groups, and/or foster campus community.  To learn more about ASG funding and how to apply, visit the ASG Office of Financial Affairs Website. 

Fundraisers and ASG Funding

It is important for you to understand that your RSO bank account is separate from any ASG funding you may receive. ASG funds will never go to your RSO bank account because they must be spent for a very specific purpose.

ASG-funded events may NOT be used as fundraisers. Because they are paid for with student fees, all ASG-funded events must be free and open to any student who wants to come. As an RSO, you aren’t allowed to sell items at the event, set up a donation jar, or sell tickets to students.

However, you are allowed to fundraise in the days before your ASG-funded event to help supplement your budget. For instance, if you would like to pay for an item (such as additional decorations or costumes), you may fundraise or use money out of your RSO bank account to supplement the funding you receive from ASG.

For a complete list of fundraiser/philanthropy policies, please see the Student Handbook.